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Monday, May 07, 2007

  • I am not sure about how this is going to look. I need to remember to put pictures first then type the text. Way down below I told about this picture. It is Nicole.
  • This is Samantha and her daddy. They are two peas in a pod. We were celebrating Samantha's 12th birthday here. The date on the camaera is really wrong. It was March 7, 2007.

    This is Jenna!! She is most awesome little sweetie in the south and as sassy as they come~
    Here is My dad with Jenna. She loves her grandpa!!
    Here is jenna showing off for the camera. The cast is from hand surgery to repair a broken tendon. This was in March 2007 not September. She has my cell phone and is giving me some attitude!!
  • Ok down below is where I first started my post before I added the pictures
I finally hooked up my new camera and have updated pictures of the kids.

  • Everything down here has been good except work for Jeff. I try to pray as much as I can that he will get busy again.

  • School is almost over. I can't believe the school year has gone by so fast.

I really like my new job at the hospital. I have been thinking about going back to school for nursing but I would not do this until fall. I want to spend the summer with my girls. I don't see them alot working the 3-11 shift.

  • Nicole made her 1st communion yesterday at church. It was a very nice ceremony and she looked beautiful in her white dress.

  • here are some pictures for you all to enjoy.

  • The 2nd picture is Nicole. We went to Seaworld in Orlando for a field trip. Her daddy is a Dale Jr fan......silly boy, we all know Jimmie Johnson is the best!!!

  • The first picture is myself and Nicole. I almost didn't post it. I hate pictures of myself but oh well. I am in the process of trying to loss my baby weight....she is almost 3, lol. Hopefully I will have a great after pictures SOON!!
    Well that is all for now, I will try to post again sooner than later. Everyone have a great Mother's Day this coming weekend and enjoy your blessings!!!


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