The Florida Maki's

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Nicole what a ham. She brought home a pgrogress report yesterday and in 4 short weeks turned a C in grammer/writing to an A. I am so proud of her. As of now she has 5 A's and 2 B's. One B is an 89. One point away from an A.

I love you Colie!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black friday post.
i do not parcipate in this shopping day unless online. I do not have the patients for the crowds so I have been on ebay hoping to win a few auctions.
work was uneventful. i came home 1.5 hours early.
we had a nice thanksgiving. it was jeff, myself, samantha, nicole, jenna, gerry leclaire and his son jeremy. dinner was great if i do say so myself. i was scheduled to work but called to see if they where busy and they called me off so i got to spend the whole day home (to cook and clean). it was nice being home.
I am doing great in school. I have an A average in both classes and go to sign up for spring classes monday. the girls had great reports too. samantha made the A,B honor roll. NIcole had all A and B with one C in grammer and writing.
My Jenna is the best. She is growing in leaps and bounds except in the hair area but she is still flipping cute as ever. Soo smart!!
I will try to post some new pictures tomorrow. I have the weekend off and we are going to pull out the christmas decorations and put up the tree.
We are waiting the arrival of my dad and my sister vicky. they will be between florida and georgia for the winter and it will be nice to see them. jeffs family is shipping us some venison via my dad and we are excited about that too.
well i guess this is all for now. see you all tomorrow for pictures.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It has been far too long since my last blog so I was reminded a few days ago.
So this one is for you Mrs. Whitman :.)
Did I just make you think of Margie? LOL
I am not sure what to write today so I will just babble on.
I am not feeling to young and springy because my back is hurting very babdly. I hung upside down on my inversion table but not sure that it helped.
Jeff and I went to a Halloween party last night and it was fun. Not Baraga fun like with my favorite witchey poo but it was fun. I drank to much beer thru a straw tho probably another reason I am not feeling so good today. It could also be that I played dukes of hazzard last night too. I am just as young as I used to be and I can't seem to get it thru my thick Mleko head. O, iyi
I need to get up and go blade but I haven't mustard the ambition yet......i know i spelled that wrong but o well life is such.
Anyway, jeff didnt want to be frankinstein so that idea was a bust we bought some ghoul thing from walmart.
My custome was good. I was vampira. It turned out very cool.
The kids are excited about Halloween. we are reusing last years customes to save money. Samantha will be Vampira, her favorite. Nicole is going to be a school witch and Jenna will be Holly Hobbie.
We are all doing good. My job at the hospital is good and I enrolled in college. I am taking Algebra and Human Development. I got an A on both of my fisrt tests ans have test again this week. Wish me well.
The kids are doing good in school and Jeff trying to keep busy but work is slow. Jenna is going to preschool and loves it.

Monday, May 07, 2007

  • I am not sure about how this is going to look. I need to remember to put pictures first then type the text. Way down below I told about this picture. It is Nicole.
  • This is Samantha and her daddy. They are two peas in a pod. We were celebrating Samantha's 12th birthday here. The date on the camaera is really wrong. It was March 7, 2007.

    This is Jenna!! She is most awesome little sweetie in the south and as sassy as they come~
    Here is My dad with Jenna. She loves her grandpa!!
    Here is jenna showing off for the camera. The cast is from hand surgery to repair a broken tendon. This was in March 2007 not September. She has my cell phone and is giving me some attitude!!
  • Ok down below is where I first started my post before I added the pictures
I finally hooked up my new camera and have updated pictures of the kids.

  • Everything down here has been good except work for Jeff. I try to pray as much as I can that he will get busy again.

  • School is almost over. I can't believe the school year has gone by so fast.

I really like my new job at the hospital. I have been thinking about going back to school for nursing but I would not do this until fall. I want to spend the summer with my girls. I don't see them alot working the 3-11 shift.

  • Nicole made her 1st communion yesterday at church. It was a very nice ceremony and she looked beautiful in her white dress.

  • here are some pictures for you all to enjoy.

  • The 2nd picture is Nicole. We went to Seaworld in Orlando for a field trip. Her daddy is a Dale Jr fan......silly boy, we all know Jimmie Johnson is the best!!!

  • The first picture is myself and Nicole. I almost didn't post it. I hate pictures of myself but oh well. I am in the process of trying to loss my baby weight....she is almost 3, lol. Hopefully I will have a great after pictures SOON!!
    Well that is all for now, I will try to post again sooner than later. Everyone have a great Mother's Day this coming weekend and enjoy your blessings!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

I am here today to promote my avon business.
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Michelle Maki
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

augh!!!! i am so frustrated with this blogging system
i try to login everyday to post and i just cant make it work. well today i outsmarted the program, took a back door and wa la here i am
~lots has changed since my last post.
~jenna's cast is off and her hand is healed, now she just has to not be afraid to use it and her lifetime experiences will be her therapy.
~ i am 2 weeks into my new job at the hospital. i have one week of orientation left and then to my regular shift which will be monday thru friday 2:38-11:08pm
i am still working at publix one weekend day a week but i am not sure how long i will be able to do 48 hours a week. it is not that bad but my house is suffering along with my family time.
~i took this whole weekend off so samantha could have her birthday slumber party. it was fun. she turned twelve 3-7 but grandma was here so we put the party off until now. everyone had a good time. my niece shaylin spent the night friday and then sammy had 3 girls last night and colie had 1. they spent the majority of the time in the pool jamming to the tunes.
~our weather has been great. the kids are in the pool and the nascar race is on. jeff is grilling chicken and hotdogs today.
~his mom and sister were here for 6 weeks and that was nice but they came right when i started back to work and i hardly ever saw them.
~jeff's new business is up and running but now we are just rounding up work. he did get one bid so far but it takes time for permitting and whatnot.
~well i have lost my train of thought and forgot what else i want to say.....par for the course these days.
i am going to end here to find my camera cable to see if i can download some pics.
everyone have a great day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hi everyone,
just a quick update before i run out the door to get nicole to school.
Jenna surgery went great. it has been over two weeks. she just got a new cast tuesday and it looked good. two more weeks with this cast and all should be well.
you would never know she had surgery. kids heal so quickly.
i got to run. i will write more later.