The Florida Maki's

Monday, October 09, 2006

We had an eventful weekend. Friday Jeff, Ronnie and I went out for some hot wings and kareoke at Sandy's Grill. They have the best wings in town aside from Jeff's. We had lots of fun.
Then Saturday morning we went to Boca Raton to see our new puppy. She is absolutely adorable and her name is Willow. She is only 7 weeks old. Diana (the volunteer we got her from) brought her to us yesterday afternoon as she had to do a home inspection before we could keep her. As soon as i figure out how to add pictures i will post some of her.
On our way home from Boca we picked up my neice Shaylin and her brother Zack to spend the night with us. Zack turned 6 on the 27th of September so part of his gift is to spend the night with us. We watched a movie, had homemade sloppy joes and they all got to sleep in the family room on the floor. The next day they woke up, had breakfast and then went swimming until it was time to sing Happy birthday and have cake. It was back into the pool again for Zack and Jenna but the older girls helped me with some house work in order to get ready for the puppy.
Willow is going to be very happy with us. The girls are already loving her to death. She met our friend Kris and her daughter Caroline along with Ronnie, tucker (ronnie's dog) and auntie chrissy so poopr littlw willow was very tired by the end of the night with such a busy day for her. Nicole had a hard time falling asleep last night because she must of kissed willow goodnight about 50 different times. Willow would cry little here and there so nicole would come running out to check on her. Finally i told nicole she had to try and get to sleep and that willow would be okay and was omly crying because I am sure she is missing her mommy and siblings. Thankfully this morning she seems to be doing much better.
Well that is all for now. I have to get my butt out for a rollerblade with jenna in the stroller before it gets too hot. The forecast is for 89 degrees today. It is 77 so far at 10:20am.
Have a nice day everyone.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hi everyone,
Well I am going to enter a new venture called blogging. I am hoping this will be a great way for me to meet new friends and keep everyone updated on our family.
For those of you who don't know me. My name is Michelle Maki. I am married to Jeff Maki. We have been married for 11 years and together for 16. We have three beautiful girls. Samantha is 11, Nicole is 7 and Jenna is 2. People ask if we are done or going to try for a boy. We are probably done unless God decides we are not.
We are from a little town in the U.P. Of Michigan called Baraga but reside in Vero Beach, Florida where it is nice and warm. We have lived here for 5 years this month but have only been in our new home 3 years which was built by Jeff. Yes, he is a carpenter which is one of the reasons we moved here. You cannot build all year up north. He is currently studying to take his contractor's test on the 18th so please pray for him.
I am blessed enough to be able to stay at home with Jenna everyday so my occupation is that of a home manager. We enjoy this very much. She is such a little charmer but aren't they all.
Samantha is in the 6th grade which is junior high down here and she loves it. She enjoys reading and swimming. She is on the local swim team. She attends CCD at our church on wednesdays after school and then wednesday evenings attends a youth group at a different church where they feature the 24/7 program. She also loves animals of all kinds and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
Nicole is total opposite her big sister whom she calls Sissy. She loves to play with her friends and her dolls. We have just signed her up for brownies and she is excited about that. Colie as we call her is also an animal lover. In fact we are supposed to go pick out a puppy tomorrow afternoon. If you were to ask her what she wants to when she grows up she would probably say a rock star or an actress. She wants a mansion so her daddy doesn't have to work so hard all the time and can play with her more often. Nicole is also attending CCD and preparing for her first penance and then her first communion in May.
And then we have Jenna, what a twisting tornado this one is. She is cute, funny, smart and oh so lovable. Oh and please do not forget SASSY!!!!
She is 26 months and has already conquered potty training no problem over a month ago. Talking has always been her strong suit by far. I would not mind more children but at the moment I am having a hard time keeping keeping up with this one. She has a great sense of balance and dexterity. I could talk all day about Jenna but for now I
will end here. Don't worry you will hear more.
As for me, I love being home with my children. They are my life. I enjoy reading many different subjects and my favorite exercise is rollerblading. I wish for time to do it everyday. I try to be organized, keep a clean home and cook good meals along with some gardening but it doesn't always work that way. Oh well, I don't sweat the small stuff either. As long as we are happy and healthy I am happy.
God's peace to you all, Michelle