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Friday, November 23, 2007

Black friday post.
i do not parcipate in this shopping day unless online. I do not have the patients for the crowds so I have been on ebay hoping to win a few auctions.
work was uneventful. i came home 1.5 hours early.
we had a nice thanksgiving. it was jeff, myself, samantha, nicole, jenna, gerry leclaire and his son jeremy. dinner was great if i do say so myself. i was scheduled to work but called to see if they where busy and they called me off so i got to spend the whole day home (to cook and clean). it was nice being home.
I am doing great in school. I have an A average in both classes and go to sign up for spring classes monday. the girls had great reports too. samantha made the A,B honor roll. NIcole had all A and B with one C in grammer and writing.
My Jenna is the best. She is growing in leaps and bounds except in the hair area but she is still flipping cute as ever. Soo smart!!
I will try to post some new pictures tomorrow. I have the weekend off and we are going to pull out the christmas decorations and put up the tree.
We are waiting the arrival of my dad and my sister vicky. they will be between florida and georgia for the winter and it will be nice to see them. jeffs family is shipping us some venison via my dad and we are excited about that too.
well i guess this is all for now. see you all tomorrow for pictures.


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