The Florida Maki's

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Florida Maki's
Okay at first this spot was empty because I am still figuring this blog stuff out....
Not too much to report but here goes.
First Congrats!! to my cousin Jeremiah and his wife aimee who are expecting number 5!!!
Wow, i am so having a hard time with three I can't even imagine but in my defense they are alot younger than us too.
Jenna is in her room playing right now. She loves having her own room to go and play and nobody can kick her out like her big sisters always do because she is consistently into their things...little sisters, i tell ya!! lol
Last week I moved her out of our room because bedtime was getting too hard. She just wouldn't settle down until really late and then I was being super tired in the mornings and having a hard time getting up so this is working out but I do miss her in there and went and got her last night. Once in awhile is okay until we are all use to it. The other two girls slept with us until they were like 5 and still sneak in on occasion.
Jeff started a new job today. I hope he likes it. He was working for my dad but they are almost done with these last houses and then my dad is retiring his business. We are hoping Jeff has his own license by the first of the year but it will take awhile to get the business up and running so this new job will keep us going until then.
I talked to my dad today and he is heading out to deer camp and it is really cold. I miss the hunting but not the cold. Jeff is not going this year either. It will be weird not to have venison but maybe my dad will bring us some when he comes in January to thaw out for a month or so.
I talked to Jeff's mom yesterday and she is coming in February for 6 weeks. It will be so nice to see her and have that time with her. The kids don't really get very much grandparent time because they both live in Michigan so they will be happy to see both of them.
Well I suppose that is all for now. I need to get up off the computer and go rollerblade. It is 77 degrees right now with a high of 79 expected. We went yesterday morning down by the river for 90 minutes. It was wonderful. I think we put in 11 miles!!!
I'll be back :.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Okay here is my Nicole. She is first in my bedroom showing off her beautiful smile and then in front of our house and then again but in costume. She was a school girl witch at charm school.
Samantha was a vampiress and Jenna was Holly Hobbie. They were so cute and Jeff and Samantha did a great job with her make-up. We had lots of fun this year!!

Here are some pictures. I decided to do them right now before I go to bed. The last one is Willow when we first got her. She was soo little. The second one is Samantha in her room. She is growing up too fast!! Then comes my busy little Jenna with her daddy Jeff. Next is Jenna again, she loves to perform. I call her my little mini pearl in this one. First is Jeff on a fishing trip in the ocean with our neighbor. Jeff caught 5 Mahi Mahi that day. They were the yummiest fish I have ever eaten. I could only post 5 pictures so I have to go back now and do 1 of colie.
Not so good at this
Well everyone, I guess I am not so good at blogging. In my defense tho I have been very busy. Willow the new puppy is doing great and growing in leaps and bounds. Halloween was fun except for my good camera being stolen during a children's party at a friend's house. I am sooo bummed about this. Anyone who knows me knows my camera is always in hand but I set it down to make the kids into mummies with toilet paper, went back for it to take pictures and waalaa...It was gone. I am not very happy at all.
Halloween is over and I am cleaning, cleaning trying to get my house in order before Christmas hits my busy 2 year old just doesn't stop. I have NEVER encountered a child like this one and I have cared for many children aside from my own......I wouldn't know what to do without her tho!!!
Report cards have come in and the girls are doing great!!! They love school. Nicole received all E's (excellent) and S's (Satisfactory) mostly E's tho.
Samantha had 1 A+, 5 A's and 1 B. This is very good for 6th grade as down here our 6th is like 7th up north. She changes classes, has a locker and a schedule that changes from quarter to quarter but she is excelling which is soo awesome!!
Jeff tried twice for his contractor's test and has to go again. The first time he past part one and the 2nd time he past part 3, now he go back in December to try part 2 again.....Please pray for him. The test is very hard and stressful. Work is slow but we are hoping it will pick up. We are debating if I should get a job until things get better but haven't made a decision yet. I did call on a data entry job tho that I can do at home.
I have been trying to rollerblade everyday. I have been doing really good since the kids are back in school but the scale is not showing any progress yet....I am not giving up tho. I love to skate. I took Jenna today for an hour down by the river. It was beautiful. We are sleeping with the windows open tonight and giving the A.C. a rest. It is supposed to be 52 when we wakeup so tomorrow mornings skate should be great!!
Well, I suppose I wrote enough for now. I will try to do some pictures tomorrow and keep up on this blogging thing :.) In the mean time you can view pictures of us at
Peace and God's love to you all, Michelle